Preparing pure unrefined shea butter

4 Reasons Why Pure Unrefined Shea Butter May Be the Best Choice for You

The use of the pure solid Shea Butter needs a bit extra time to spread on your skin. And in the event you’ll be placing it on your whole body, you’ll probably find it simpler and quicker to melt the shea down into an oil type in order to propagate it easily. The compound should not lose some of its own medicinal properties in the procedure, and it’s possible for you to warm it at surprisingly low temperatures. One simple method to do so is to establish your microwave on the defrost setting to do the Shea Butter meltdown.

Once the Shea butter is melted, you’ll find it is still a thick and very heavy oil, maybe overly heavy for whatever you propose to make use of it for. In the wintertime, obviously, you might use a little of this heavy oil on your face to guard it and insulate it from the cold, as well as the wind. However in the summer this oil just will not work in its all-natural form. It makes the skin appear oily; therefore, it actually must be cut (i.e. joined with other skin care components) if it’s to be applied to the face.

But the advantages are enormous.

1. Daily use on the feet, lips, elbows, hands, knees, lower buttocks
The lips are rather fine and will reap the benefits of the moisturizing properties of shea butter which really rehydrates them and keeps them from becoming dry. Rough regions of the skin like hands, the elbows, knees, feet, and lower buttocks may easily consume this heavy oil and are occasionally drier than other regions of the skin. And, in the winter time Shea butter is very useful on the face to guard it from the cold.

2. Muscle relaxer
Should you have problems with arthritis or osteoarthritis, the stiffness can be lessened by rubbing pure unrefined shea butter on the affected region and offer some relief from pain.

3. Weekly body oil massager
After a week it’s recommended to melt the shea butter down from its solid state, hop in the tub using about a pound of Epsom salt along with the aromatic bubble bath of your choice. Of course after emerging from the bath, to remove any soap residue, you’ll need to take a shower. Out of the bathtub, use the shea oil to massage in your skin. You don’t have to dry yourself, simply rub the oil into your skin. Pay great attention to elbows, the feet and other rough regions of the skin that need a little additional care.

4. Oil and hair conditioner
African Americans keeping all natural hair styles will discover using pure shea butter oil as a Godsend as a moisturizer of the hair. The hair has an almost silky feeling to it and will soon be nicely moisturized.

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