7 Shea Butter Products You Must Know About

Shea Butter Product

Our skin is the most important part of our body that needs to be taken care of. It is the most sensitive part of our body- thus we have a lot of skin products for it because not only we need to look radiant and healthy on the outside but it also needs to be from within. People have different types of skin, so we need different types of skin care products.

One of the leading skin care product that is known and used in numerous skin care product is Shea Butter. Shea Butter’s creamy texture, its moisturizing properties, and its numerous health appeals have made it an increasingly sought after component for natural skin care. You find it in many different kinds of products from soothing and nourishing hair products to skin care products ranging from lip balm to skin moisturizers to exfoliating creams and many more.

So how does Shea butter help our skin? You see Shea Butter is a moisturizer, it is rich in antioxidants, it includes vitamins A & E and it helps to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and skin discolorations. Shea butter also protects our skin against damage from UV rays.

In this article, we will be sharing with you seven Shea Butter products you need to know about.

Shea Moisture Shea Butter

As you can see on the packaging, it says raw shea butter, which is excellent because they did not strip off the nutrients coming from the Shea butter. This product is also infused with Frankincense & Myrrh provides intense hydration, repairs and rejuvenates dry, dull skin while preventing early signs of aging.

This is a product from Shea Moisture- you may visit their website to know more about this product by clicking this link here: http://www.sheamoisture.com

L’occitane Shea butter

This product is from L’Occitane, a French-based brand with branches worldwide and well known for its body and face products. L’Occitane offers this raw, unrefined Shea butter that is excellent for repairing total skin dryness.

Mountain Rose Herbs Shea butter

The Shea butter that they use in this product is also raw, but refined. However, the natural vitamins it contains are still present. https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/products/shea-butter/profile

Cantu Shea butter

Cantu has many variations of Shea butter in their products such as leave-on, shampoo, conditioner and many more Shea butter-related products. The one the photo is a body butter that can be a lotion as well. http://cantubeauty.com/

Jergens Shea Butter

This product deeply conditions and moisturizes the skin. This is best for dull, dry skin types. If you use it regularly, it can help restore the skin’s elasticity and will make your skin radiant and supple. To check out the product click this link

Alaffia Shea Butter

This product is perfect for dry skin; it can keep your skin’s elasticity. The shea butter they used here is unrefined Shea butter that is much better than refined Shea butter.

Now Shea Butter

This product can totally moisturize your skin if you use this product daily. This can heal skin when you have bug bites and skin rashes. To know more about this product click this link right beside this-

Those are our top 7 picks that we felt you should know about.

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