Exipure Bad Reviews and Complaints: What You Need to Know Exipure Customer Reviews

Exipure a natural belly fat burner pills attaking the root causes of your body fat

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room.

The reason why you are here is because you want to know if Exipure really works. And it does! But there are some things that you need to be aware of before you decide whether or not this product will work for you.

Obviously, you want to know if there are any Exipure reviews or complaints available online.

So, before you buying, you started looking at the online reviews, or not 🙂

You may have already read some of them on Amazon, the Better Business Bureau, or TrustPilot.

However, before you read any of the reviews, I want you to understand something.

You don’t have to believe them.

Just because someone says they lost a lot of weight using Exipure, doesn’t mean it’s true.

There are lots of fake reviews online.

So, if you see a review that says a customer lost 10 lbs in a week, you should ask yourself if this person is telling the truth.

There are some customers who are satisfied with the results they get.

However, there are also people who complain that they didn’t get the breakthrough results they were expecting.

Either way, the bottom line is that you have to decide for yourself whether or not Exipure is right for you.

I will give you some examples of the complaints and customer reviews that you should be aware of.

Let’s start with Amazon.

What You Need to Know About Bad Exipure Amazon Reviews

Expirure on Amazon

Ahhh Amazon…

Firs off,


I repeat


If you want to buy Exipure and experience legit results click here.


Some is not all are counterfeits.

The ingredients and dosage are not the same. And the company states that the products sold on Amazon are not their product.

If you buy Exipure on Amazon, you will get scammed.

You don’t believe it!

Look at the three most helpfull reviews on the Amazon product page:

Example of Expirure Amazon reviews

Exípure claims this is not their product. Ingredients and MG are not the same

These are not the same as the ones you get off the actual website these are key tones the actual bottle is a 30day supply and looks like the attached pic

Fake! – no idea if real product works, but this one has same ingredients label as all the keto pills

Now, let’s talk about the reviews on TrustPilot.

The Best Exipure Customer Review Online

A Weight Loss Before and After Review on TikTok

Ironically, I found the best online review for Exipure on TikTok. This is so funny because we still view TikTok as a dancing app.

But now, it’s becoming the go-to platform for almost everything including health related content.

I found this Exipure review from @hurricanekatrina90 and she lost 7lbs in her first week of using Exipure.

Here’s what she had to say:

I lost

 You can watch her Exipure review video here:

@hurricanekatrina90 Week one of Exipure #weightlosscheck #CloseYourRings #fyp #exipure ♬ original sound – Hurricanekatrina

To be honest, I was still very skeptical about Exipure until I saw this customer product review.

Customer Complaints and Reviews on TrustPilot

The first review I check on TrustPilot was from Eliza.

Here’s what she wrote:

Negative Exipure review on Trustpilot

Took me such a long time to get out of the Youtube loophole to realise it’s a scam.

Go check out a doctor’s review on Exipure on youtube and save yourself some time. Its called “fake exipure reviews exposed” by DocInsights.

Also, most people buy through youtube so if you got scammed, please comment there and share your experience so that others don’t get scammed.

I check DocInsights channel on YouTube, and I don’t know if it’s legit or not. Nothing on the channel proves that he’s a real doctor.

He just talks about how much of a scam Exipure supplement is and that’s it.

My main problem with most reviews (either good or bad) on TrustPilot is that most of them reviewed only one product on the platform, and that was Exipure.

Look, I’m not saying all reviews are fake, but maybe some of them are.

And why? Because people online and in some forums say that most companies pay for these reviews.

They pay for positive reviews and negative reviews too.

And they pay for reviews that say their product works, and they pay for reviews that claim it doesn’t work.

This is why you need to do your own research. And why you’re here ?.

I went through all pages you to find the best ones.

But I did notice that most of the reviews on TrustPilot are written by users who have never used or taken Exipure pills.

That’s why I decided to add my opinion to the mix.

Check this review from Ikahn El. He gave a two stars, but he isn’t saying anything about the product and whether it worked for him or not.

A negative Exipure Trustpilot review from Ikhan

Now, this “so-called” customer, lost 40lbs in total.

Positive Exipure review on Trustpilot - Lost 40 lbs

Now I need to be honest with you guys and gals and tell you that this guy is probably lying.

I don’t think anyone can lose 40 pounds in a month by just taking a natural supplement. That’s impossible.

Even if you take the pills three times per day, you won’t lose 40 pounds in a single month.

If you really want to lose weight, you’ll have to eat less calories than you consume.

And trust me when I tell you that you will have to exercise as well.

You can’t expect to lose 40 pounds in a few weeks without any effort at all. You must add a healthy diet to your plan.

Now let’s look at some more realistic reviews that might be from customers who actually used Exipure.

Here’s an example.

TrustPilot Exipure review by Gary Sobers

I just was not loosing weight, wasn’t happening for me so I started to take Exipure and the weight just started to drop off. Fast. No horrible after taste to the pills, or side effects either. I feel like I have so much more energy. I think I will carry on taking these tablets as I feel so good!

Exipure Review on TrustPilot by Emma Ortiz

I wanted to give Exipure a go as they have a money back guarantee so seemed a win win as if it didn’t work for me I could just send it back. It is ridiculously hard these days to find weight loss or exercise products that actually work, usually they are all fluff and no substance, so I was very pleasantly surprised when I stepped on the scales after a week to find I was down a whooping 4lbs. I felt so ecstatic, was an amazing feeling. I am mid 2nd week and had a cheeky go on the scales to see I lost another 2 and a bit pounds in 3 days so on track for another 4lb loss if not more this week. I highly recommend giving Exipure a go as with truly little effort I have lost weight which is exactly what I wanted.

Rebecca Exipure review on TrustPilot

Incredible item, the tablets are a little huge however other than that I certainly feel like I am more stimulated when I have taken a tablet, I haven’t

followed my weight reduction appropriately yet I will give myself a gauge today and give an update two or three weeks. There is a number on the

cover that you can WhatsApp to get data on the best way to capitalize on the tablets, which is likewise useful.

Noah Brennan Exipure review on TrustPilot

I was thinking that its difficult to move the kgs, joined with an eating routine and exercise I have lost more than 14 kg in 90 days. I have attempted numerous diets and none have worked! It gives me energy, takes the food desiring off my worries! Yet, I am stunned to see the KGs drop more than ever! For me it’s a miracle item!

April Exipure review on TrustPilot

THIS IS AN HONEST REVIEW: I dug deep and found many similar u-tube videos with the same rehearsed speech (paid advertisement).

I also read many positive and negative reviews on many sites. Read all the natural ingredients, researched all those listed on Exipure and decided, Why not give it a try? Exipure claims (No GMO’s, No preservatives, all natural and NO side effects).

I received Exipure in 7 days. Started 3 weeks ago, eat healthier (cut most carbs, very little rice, pasta or bread, no sweet beverages). Eat plenty of veggies, beans and protein. No ordering out, since most restaurants load their food with too much sodium. Work out very little since an injury prevents me, but I walk plenty and have many chores with 2 kids. You need to put in the work for this product to work. This is NOT an overnight magic pill! Exipure does assist in cutting constant cravings and providing natural energy.

What I noticed is my belly fat shrinking on the second week and my hunger cravings disappearing within the same time. My daughter looked at me and said “Mom, what are you doing? Your belly and bloating has come down allot!”. My neighbor hasn’t seen me in 2 months and also commented (you lost allot of weight!) I haven’t lost allot weight, but my belly is shrinking a great deal and I’m starting to see my hour glass figure again! I’m 10 lbs lighter, energy levels are up and I don’t feel sluggish anymore. Take your vitamins and change your eating habits to see positive results. The truth: NO, you cant eat anything you want to see good results. I’ll continue taking Exipure for several months. I hope to reach a 30lb lose by April!. Exipure really works if you stay positive and disciplined!

Connor Miller review on TrustPilot

I am giving 4 stars as my order was lost in the shipping process, I was following the tracking and it stopped. I contacted customer service who said that they could issue a reship. They did so and the package arrived a few days later. I was impressed with how quickly they solved the issue. Due to the delay I am delayed starting on taking these. However I have done 4 days and feel considerable better in myself. Will report back with my full results.

Matthew Morgan review on TrustPilot

They appear to be working! I’m alot lighter and my gut has gone down yahoo! Likewise feeling significantly more vigorous fire it, I’ll purchase these once more

As you can see, there is no evidence of any adverse reactions from using Exipure. These are some of the benefits of using Exipure. And you can always try it and if you feel it’s not working for you use the money back guarantee to get your money back.

The best thing about Exipure is that it comes with a 180 day money back guarantee. If you do decide to return it, simply send them a message through their website and they will refund you. Just make sure to read carefully the guarantee on their website not to have any surprises.

Exipure Customer Reviews on BBB

Now we’re going to take a look at the customer reviews that have been posted on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We’ll start off with the number one rated company.

There’s one verified five star review and two complaints on the Better Business Bureau’s website, and none of them seem fake.

Exipure bbb page

Here’s the five star review from Sue P:

Like to give benefit of doubt. There are massive counterfeit sites on this product. If it’s not simply exipure.com it’s a counterfeit. When you see this in the address after clicking the link to the website “?hop=” it’s a counterfeit page, even it says “official”. When you click on a link and it sends you to “exipure.com” this is the real webpage for the real product. Hopefully, this will help as I also intend to order and try. Oh another thing, a lot of the so called “reviews” from podunk online newspaper sport the same exact review and the links will send you to counterfeit website.

Sue Exipure review on bbb says to beware of fake sites

BEWARE! Like Sue, I’ve notice many newspaper all with the same exact review and a couple of word changed that might redirect you to counterfeit websites.

I mentioned above that many unscrupulous people will try to rip you off with counterfeit scam products, like with Amazon reviews we talked about.

BBB complaints on Exipure

The complaints are a little more tricky on BBB because, but very insightful.

A complaint was filed against Exipure on January 2nd, 2022. It states that he or she got only a 25% refund because she didn’t return some of the bottles. From what I understand Exipure return policy requires that ALL bottles including the empty ones must be returned in order to get a full refund.

Here is the review:

I purchased 3 months weight loss product from Exipure. Exipure offered 100% money back guaranteed if not completely satisfied. I took the supplement for 60+ days with zero results. I reached out to Expipure for return authorization of the last bottle and request full refund of $156.95. I was told that all 3 bottles, including the EMPTY bottles which I had thrown away. I was offered a 25% refund instead. I asked for the literature that said all bottles needed to be returned to get the refund which I did not receive, I got the cookie cutter response of “Our policy is return of all bottles to get a full refund”, I am completely dissatisfied with the product and this company and want a full refund.

Complaint regarding Exipure customer service

A second complaint was filed on December 20th, 2021, stating that the return was a hassle because she had an allergic reaction to Exipure. Although it does not mention whether or not she received her full refund, I do not see any reason why she wouldn’t.

I personally would not worry too much about these two complaints. They may just be disgruntled customers who were unsatisfied with their experience.

Two out of thousands of customers isn’t bad at all.

Anyway, here’s the full review: 

Ordered 3 Bottle package deal on 12/12/21 for $167.94, Order #P535UQ25. Took 1 capsule as directed on 12/22/21 had allergic reaction starting minutes after taking the 1 capsule. Spent 2 days so far taking Benadryl full doses every 4 hours. Company states ” FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE” , “NO QUESTIONS ASKED”, “EVERY ***** RETURNED” within 180 days. I called the company requesting money back and information on returning their product bottles to them. I was told that I would have to pay return shipping and handling on returning the bottles to them. I was also told that the representative “*****” could not process my refund because of my reaction to the product, that someone else from another department would have to call me back to process my refund. How can a company advertise ” FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE” , “NO QUESTIONS ASKED”, “EVERY ***** RETURNED” within 180 days if the customer has to pay for the return shipping and handling? I guess I should have just called and stated that I just wanted a full refund and gave no explanation as to why I wanted the refund. Wanted to let others know regarding this situation and to request help, please, to cut through all the hassle and runaround that’s started up here. Am hoping to get a full refund and not have to pay for shipping and handling after all ” FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE” , “NO QUESTIONS ASKED”, “EVERY ***** RETURNED” within 180 days is what they advertise on their website. Thank you.

Negative Exipure review on bbb

Exipure Weight Loss Supplement Reviews on YouTube

After watching dozens of videos and hours of review I can’t tell you not to waist your time watching but I can tell you that you will waste your time.

The reviews are mostly fake hype and misleading. The people reviewing are either paid actors or just plain stupid. There are some good reviews but most of them are pretty bad.

If you’re looking for honest reviews then look elsewhere. If you don’t mind being lied to then watch them all. It’s really entertaining.

Examining Exipure reviews on youtube

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