The Benefits Of African Shea Butter For The Face

Is Shea Butter Good for Your Face

Raw Shea butter’s remarkable chemical ingredients and properties make it an ideal substance to use for the face. The unique combination of fatty acids and plant sterols that comprise shea butter enable it to perform cleansing, moisturizing, cell renewing, anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, and collagen regenerating functions. As a result of shea butter’s highly unique properties and characteristics, its use on the face promotes greater health of facial skin and improved facial appearance. Regular use of this product will ensure an individual’s more youthful appearance, and cause users to look at least ten years younger. Shea butter can be applied to the face in a variety of ways. These include using shea butter soap, shea butter moisturizer, shea butter night cream, and shea butter anti-aging products.
Shea butter performs a variety of highly beneficial functions when used on the face for cleansing purposes. Soaps containing high quantities of shea butter perform gentle facial cleansing, while at the same time ensuring that delicate facial skin does not become stripped of crucial oils and moisture. Shea butter soaps are able to clean without damaging or undermining the face’s hydrolipidic layer. This refers to the thin film of moisture that ideally lies upon the very top layer of facial skin and acts as a barrier against environmental toxins and dry air. Regular use of shea butter soap ensures that the skin stays moist and hydrated and this in turn prevents the development of fine surface lines and wrinkles

The benefits of Shea butter as a face moisturizer

Shea butter can be applied to the face as a facial moisturizer. Shea butter moisturizer is unique among typical moisturizers in that it possesses the ability to nourish, moisturize, and protect all layers of facial skin. Shea butter moisturizer first of all coats and protects the top layer of the face and forms a protective lipidic barrier against drying environmental conditions and harmful toxins. Secondly, shea butter moisturizer can penetrate deeply into the facial skin’s underlying layers where it can plump up these layer’s cells by replenishing the cells’ moisture levels. The cells comprising the underlying facial layers crucially depend upon this moisture for healthy functioning and proper size. Shea butter moisturizer has the additional beneficial feature of being able to draw in extra moisture from the air and deposit this moisture deep within the face where it is most needed. Using shea butter as a facial moisturizer will guarantee that the face maintains a nourished, smooth, and line-free appearance, and a healthy glow. It also reduces any facial inflammation that may give rise to skin discoloration, itching, or scaling. Lastly, shea butter moisturizer guarantees that the face is protected from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and from free radicals that result from the oxidative stress that accompanies damage from environmental toxins.

Shea butter is the perfect substance to use as a daily night cream. Using shea butter at night allows a slightly heavier application of this remarkable substance, and the additional quantity of shea butter cream that is applied to the face is consequently able to work more quickly and effectively in a shorter period of time. Using shea butter night cream permits the unique moisturizing, hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidative ingredients of this incredible substance to transform the cells of the face positively more effectively than it occurs during the day. Regular application of shea butter night cream ensures that upon waking up, one’s face will appear fresher, smoother, moister, and significantly younger looking.

Pure Shea butter is the most effective anti-aging cream available on the market. This is because shea butter is capable of penetrating deeply into the face’s underlying structural layers, where it firms, rejuvenates, and restores the underlying collagen and elastin fibers that are so crucial to preserving the integrity of the face. Regular use of shea butter anti-aging products on the face guarantees the recreation and preservation of a youthful facial appearance. Shea butter anti-aging products also reduce and eliminate oxidative stress and inflammatory processes that can afflict the face. This also ensures that the face will retain its youthful and healthful demeanor.

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