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What are the best home remedies for sore throat?

Having sore throat is the very first sign of a cold. Now this feeling is very icky and uncomfortable because its is like you are going to get sick. When you also have this intense sore throat, it is very uncomfortable because you can’t even swallow a solid food well, and you can’t even drink if it gets swollen so how do we avoid or, at least, prevent it from becoming worse? In your home, you can find the means of using home remedies before you go to the doctor and ask for prescribed medicine because sometimes home remedies can still cure it.  I will give you a list of my best sore throat home remedies.

Here are the 10 home remedies for a sore throat:

1.    Peppermint – this is they say one of the best and effective home remedies for your sore throat and that might be in your medicine cabinet. An essential medicine we all need in case of emergency, so make sure to stock these at your house. This medicine is a mixture of anti-inflammatory and pain relievers.

2.    Salt Water Gargle – According to studies and facts that when you regularly gargle with warm water and salt in it, reduces the swelling of the throat and loosens mucus thus resulting to helping out in flushing the irritants or bacteria.  If you find it too high, you may add 1 TSP of Honey to your mixture to add sweetness to the solution.

3.    Lozenges and Spray – when you suck on cough drops it triggers more saliva productions thus keeping the throat more moist then take note to always choose a brand with a cooling sensation like menthol or eucalyptus.
As for the sprays, we have over the counter that we can purchase.

4.    Licorice root- this has long been used in treating sore throat, and studies show that it is effective when you mix this with water as a gargle solution; this will soothe a patient’s throat and diminish coughing

5.    Slippery Elm- Native Americans started using this as home remedies in a curing sore throat. This one has mucus like substance, now when you mix it with water, this then forms a gel-like substance that can coat the and soothes the throat.

6.    Honey- Yes the Honey again. Honey has a lot of benefits for us and this one. Not only that it tastes sweet and good, but this also helps in a curing sore throat. So honey is  effective in taming nighttime coughs than common cough suppressants

7.     Marshmallow root- same as slippery elm, marshmallow root also contains mucus like substance that coats and soothes a sore throat. Just add dried root to a warm cup to make tea and then drink this two or three times a day, it will help in easing sore throat pain.

8.    Sage and Echinacea – combined will help cure a sore throat. These are in a spray like forms, and when you use/ spray it ten times a day with two puff of it, this will help in curing the sore throat.

9.    Peppermint- when you use it it has two benefits- aside from curing your sore throat, you can also have a fresh breath from using this kind of home remedy. When one use a spray with peppermint oil, this will help in relieving sore throat because peppermint has menthol and this makes the mucus thin and calm sore throats and cough.

10.     So the other potential sore throat cure includes Eucalyptus, which you can find in natural throat lozenges and cough syrup and chamomile tea. So try using these home remedies and surely it will help you without having to spend more money with guaranteed no side effect since these are mostly natural home remedies. Also, make sure to drink lots of water as well and more Vitamins to help in boosting the immune system of your body to avoid having these kinds of ailment.


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